Richmond United Group Richmond United Group
"Building Community"


Richmond United Group (RUG) believes that Richmond Council has a responsibility to be a representative democratic organization. RUG proposes a Charter which lays down principles that Borough residents should reasonably expect elected representatives to adhere to. We believe the primary function of a Local Authority is to serve the needs and wishes of the local community. We want the current LBRuT administration to:

Demonstrate a meaningful, ongoing commitment to democracy
Ensure openness, to scrutiny, accountability, transparency and meet the standards laid down in BS 8900:2006
Make sure it always consults and informs residents affected by its decisions and the nature of its plans
Only hold full, honest, open and effective consultations with residents on its proposed actions and not to restrict alternatives
Choose to pursue policies only where there is demonstrable support and which improve the quality of life of local people and do not take away valued amenities
Respect residents' criticisms and respond positively to their concerns and suggestions
Act on public opinion whether reflected in petitions, votes at public meetings, representations by interest groups, amenity groups, residents' associations or individuals
Consider and review the effects of its policies on the economic, social and environmental well being and quality of life and act on the expressed views of the community
Yes to DEMOCRACY, no to autocracy. The residents of Richmond Borough must have a process where the councillors and officers are publicly accountable.

The people of Richmond Borough have a right to enjoy ongoing principles of democracy. Richmond United Group requires that the electoral mandate is not to be the end of a process but the beginning and basis of a partnership. Leadership is by consent.